Dr Danièle Hromek’s research considers Indigeneity in the built environment. It contributes an understanding of the Indigenous experience and comprehension of space, and investigates how Aboriginal people occupy, use, narrate, sense, dream and contest their spaces. Her research rethinks the values that inform Aboriginal understandings of space through Indigenous spatial knowledge and cultural practice, in doing so considers the sustainability of Indigenous cultures from a spatial perspective.


Connecting with Country, Designing with Country and The Sydney Ochre Grid, Government Architect NSW [link]

Back to Country: A Guided Reflection on Sovereignty, audio landscape experience [link]

Cultural Mapping of Green Square, City of Sydney Council

The (Re)Indigenisation of Space: Weaving narratives of resistance to embed Nura [Country] in design, Ph.D Research, UTS [link]


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Cultural Principles and Protocols for Designers for projects or curricula working with Indigenous peoples, materials or communities , co-authored with Terri Janke, 2017

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Regional Architecture Conference, 2019, Australian Institute of Architects, Byron Bay

Valuing Our World Views, 2019, Community Research webinar [link]

Planning Connects – Designing with Country, 2019, DPIE training & education webinar [link]

Indigenous Design Symposium, 2019, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

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