Weaving Intentions

Weaving Intentions, created as part of Hromek’s PhD research, is an object woven with intention and pensive speculation, where the weaver becomes connected to history and future, kin and Country. Woven into the object are words, conversations, ideas and thoughts, captured through the energetic exchange of making into the form. Stories, histories and life are encased in the shape, as is cultural reclamation of a weaving cultural practice. Intentions informs and even forms the shape of the object, embodying and imbibing these idioms and carrying them perpetually.

Weaving, net making and string making with audio component.
Exhibited as part of the Make Known: The Exquisite Order of Infinite Variation exhibition at UNSW Galleries, 29 July-8 September 2018.

Stories, lomandra, gymea, dianella, raffia, pandanus, string, eucalyptus flowers and nuts, beads, feathers, finger limes, materials of Country and materials not-of-Country, 2018.